Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Akashi Seijuro

Premier of Teiko Metropolitan Area 

Full name: Akashi Seijuro 
Age: 32
Residence: Imperial Palace, Kamizaki 
Citizenship: Teikonian 
Marital Status: Engaged, Furihata Kouki 
Children: None 
Education: Doctorate in Law, University of Kaijo 

Short background:

Akashi Seijuro is the youngest premier in Teiko history and is well known for his strict policies and heavy punishments. He comes from the very prominent Akashi clan which controls nearly 1/4 of all Teiko's industries. His father was a former Teiko politician and was one of those who laid Teiko's economic foundations. He started out as minister of regional economic planing and development but it was short lived as he was elected premier in the following elections. He is currently is his last term and is expected to vacate the office on January 2014. Akashi Seijuro is a recipient of many awards among those includes the peace Nobel Prize, Stallion Award for Excellent Leadership, Honorary causa from leading universities worldwide and the recently, CI ISO-1006 Award for Good Governance. Akashi also holds the record for the highest percentage score in the Teiko bar exam history with a score of 99.80%. Currently, he is living in with his fiance Furihata Kouki and if married within his term, will become the world's first openly-gay head of state. 

Reference: National Archives