At a Glance



Country Name: Independent Principality of the Commonwealth of Teiko Metropolitan Area Region

Government Type: Socialistic Parliamentary
Capital: Current De Facto Capital is Kogomo North District
Administrative Divisions: 16 Districts (Kogomo North, Kamata South, Kaijo, Josei, Shutoku, Too, Nakamiya South, Meiho, Kamata West, Kyoritsu, Shinkyo, Takao, Kamata North, Nozomi, Kamizaki, Kirisaki Daichi)
Language: Teikonese, English and Japanese (All are official)
Demonym: Teikonian 
National Holidays: July 20 - Teiko National Independence Day; December 20 - Premier's Day
Constitution: National Constitution of 2013 
Motto: Ad Meliora. Greater Teiko Metropolitan Area. 
National Anthem: My Land, My Country
National Symbols: 
  • Weapon: Katana
  • Leaf: Maple Leaf
  • Bird: Teikonian Eagle
  • Flag: "Teiko" written in Kanj with blue background. Blue symbolizes for unity and peace. 
  • Flower: Chrysanthemum 
  • Gem: Ruby
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Fruit: Fruit Basket


Highest Ranking Officials:

  • Premier: Seijuro Akashi 
  • Vice - Premier: Vacant
  • Sandae: Kensuke Fukui
  • Duma: Vacant
  • Teiko Regional Council (Central - 46)
  • 16 District Councils 
  • Teiko Supreme Court
  • 16 District Courts
Political Parties: Yin, Yang
International Affiliations: International Coalition of Independent Nations (ICIN); United Federation of Nations (UFN); World Trade and Banking Institution (WTBI)


Location: Region resembles the real-life San Francisco City, with a large body of water separating the two parts of the city. There are mountainous areas near the top and bottom of the region.

Neighboring Boundaries: European Union at North, Holy Britannian Empire at East, Middle East Federation at South and Teiko Sea at west. 
Area: 5, 324 sq. kilometers (3, 308.18 sq. miles)
Terrain: Hilly, mountainous and has a long coastline
Climate: Temperate
Elevation Extremes: Tetsuya Ridge (-356 Meters); Alpine Alps (2,356 Meters)


Population: 983, 134
Growth Rate: 3.14%

Fertility Rate: 2.45%
Largest Districts: Kogomo North, Kirisaki Daichi, Kamata South, Josei
Ethnic Groups: Teikonian
Literacy Rate: 100%
Life Expectancy: 98 Years Old
Gini: 58.23
HDI: 0.944


Industries: Electronics, Business Process Outsourcing, Finance, Chemicals, Food Processing, Heavy Metals, Dirty Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Banking, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods 

Currency: Simoleon
Currency Exchange Rate: 1 Simoleon = .35 US Dollar
GDP: 453, 145 Simoleons
GDP Growth Rate: 5.5%
Unemployment Rate: 4.32%
Tax Rate: 9.00%
Inflation Rate: 1.32%
Poverty Index: 3.42%
Stock Market Indexes: 536.35 Points
Teiko Economic Index (TEN): 4.53
Labor Force: 800, 355 
Natural Resources: Aquatic Resources (Fish), Mining (Gold, Silver, Copper, Zing, Iron, Copper), Natural Oil and Gas 
Imports: 233,242 Simoleons
Exports: 345, 234 Simoleons

Major Trading Partners: Japan, Holy Britannian Empire, Middle Eastern Federation, European Union, the Philippines, United States


Telephones: 103.42 units per 100 persons

Cellphones: 124.24 unites per 100 persons
  • TV Stations: 1
  • Radio Stations: 1
  • Newspaper Publishers: 1
Internet Service Providers: 1
Internet Users: 1, 293, 124 
Average Internet Speed: 21.24 Mbps
Internet Country Code: .teik0


Airports: Kogomo North, Kamata South, Josei, Kirisaki Daichi

Roadways: National Circumferential Highway; Teiko Interstate; Akashi Expressway
Waterways: Teiko Bay Shipping Lines; Teiko Ferry Lines
Railways: 8 Lines (Kaijo Line, Shutoku Line, Josei Line, Kirisaki Daichi Line, Kamata South Line, Kamata North Line, Meiho Line, Too Line)
Primary Ports and Terminals: Kaijo, Kirisaki Daichi, Takao, Too, Kamata South


Head of the Military: General of the Joint Forces, Commander Clovis la Britannia 
Military Branches:
  • Teiko Armed Forces
  • Teiko Air Force
  • Teiko Navy
  • Teiko Special Operations and Intelligence Forces
Military Expenditures: 66,325 Simoleons
Nuclear Arsenals: ICBMs, SLBMs, SAMs and Fusion Bombs
Active Military Troops: 10,000