The economy of Teiko Metropolitan Area is one of the most diverse in the world, the 2nd largest in the world by nominal GDP, the largest by purchasing power parity and is the world's largest developing economy. According to the World Trade and Banking Institution, the country's economy is deemed as one of the best performing economies in the world.  

Teiko Metropolitan is the world's major manufacturing center. It centers on production of electronic goods and is ranked as the most innovate countries leading several measures of global patent filing. Takao District, is the world's largest private industrial zone and focuses primarily on high technology manufacturing. Aside from this, Kirisaki Daichi is ranked as the second largest industrial center by area and production value.

Teiko is also the largest creditor nation, generally running an annual trade surplus and having a considerable net international investment surplus. As of 2012, Teiko possesses 34% of the world's private financial assets (2nd largest in the world) at an estimate of 753 Million Simoleons. As of 2011, 39 of the top 100 largest corporations are based in Teiko.



Beika National Corn Research Institute 

Agriculture is close to non-existent in Teiko with exceptions of private farms and fishing pods. Farming is not advised by the government due to the limited land area. All of Teiko's food and farming products are imported from other countries. Holy Britannian Empire still leads as Teiko's leading partner in agricultural trade. 


Kirisaki Daichi Industrial Park

Industry is the main source of Teiko's flourishing economy. 


 Beika IT Park

Teiko Metropolitan Area is home to the largest BPO and IT sector in the world. 


Teiko Nationa Stock Exchange 

The Teiko National Stock Index, an aggregated stock index of Teiko's 12 stock exchanges is the second largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization. As of 2013, it was named as the best performing stock index worldwide. Among the blue chips companies includes SZT Group of Companies, Ayala Corporation, Industrial Illusion, Kaiba Corporation and Yotsuba Financial Group. 

Labor Force

Teiko has a record of 882,213 laborers which is nearly 90% of the country's total population. The unemployment rate is still hovering at around 4.32%, one the lowest in the world. In the past years, due to economic boom and rapid industrialization, the country's unemployment rate has been declining at an average of .45% per year. Among the 882,213 laborers, 63% are male and the remaining percentage are women.  


Teiko National Nuclear Power Plant 

As of 2011, one third of Teiko's energy is produced from nuclear and other renewable source of energy, one fifth from coal and the rest from the natural gas and petroleum. The current and the largest nuclear power plant, Teiko Nuclear Power Plant located at Kamakura District provided 2/3 of the Teiko's nuclear power. 

Teiko Interstate

Teiko's spending on roads is also considerably large. New projects such as Teiko Interstate, Teiko National Highway and the proposed Teiko Skyway are concrete evidences of this. Teiko is right-hand traffic. A single network of speed, divided, limited-access toll roads connect major districts and are operated by Teiko Roads and Tollways Inc, a semi-private corporation. New and used cars are inexpensive by the Teikonian government has encourage people to either buy hybrid cars or use mass transit. 

Paloma Towers Elevated Rail Station

Rail transport is a major means of transport in Teiko. Only one railway company, Teiko Railways Corporation, which is subdivided into different sub-corporations manages the total rail network in Teiko. The districts of Meiho, Shutoku, Kogomo North and Kamata South has subway networks, the rest of the districts are connected via ground rail or elevated rail. Plans for trams and bullet trains are also on their way. All trains are known for punctuality and a delay of 90 seconds is considered a late.

Kaijo West Ferry Terminal

Ferries are also important means of transportation in Teiko. Nearly each district except for landlocked districts have ferry systems. All the ferry system are managed by the Ministry of Transportation. Ferry provide inter-district transfers as well intra-districts routes. Some ferry terminals only allow passengers while most carry vehicles. 

 Akashi Seijuro International Airport

Port of Kaijo 

There are 4 airports in Teiko - Kirisaki Daichi, Josei, Kamata South and Kogomo North and flying is a popular way to travel. The largest domestic airport is located at Josei District which is the worlds 9th busiest airport. Major international gateways are the KD International Airport (Kirisaki Daichi), Kamso International Airport (Kama South) and Akashi Seijuro International Airport (Kogomo North), these airports are also listed as the 5th, 3rd and 1st busiest airports respectively. The largest ports in Teiko includes the Port of Kaijo, Port of Takao, Port of Kirisaki Daichi and Port of Kamata South.