Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ministry of Agriculture and Environment

The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment abbreviated as MAgE is the only dual role ministry in the executive cabinet of the Teiko Government. As ministry for agriculture, it is tasked to oversee all agricultural policies, water resources, irrigation, promotion of local farms and forestry. Also as a ministry for ministry for environment, it's duty includes the protection of the nature's natural habitat, wildlife, mineral resources, water, forest and jungles. It is also responsible for the restoration of the destroyed environment. 

The ministry of agriculture and environment was two separate offices created under the virtue of the 1910 Teiko constitution, thus making the two as members of the core ministries. It only until 1968 that the two offices were combined as Teiko's agricultural needs and environment responsibilities overlaps. Now, mage is the ministry with the most departments and is the only ministry with two separate roles.  

Aquatic Resources Office
Water Resource Office
Environmental Policy Protection Office
Department of Natural Resources
Agrarian Reform Development Institute
Zoological Park Administration
Pollution Control Department
Department of Agriculture
Office of Agricultural Economics

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