Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce also known as MoC is a cabinet member of the Teiko Government that deals with consumer relations, consumer protection, intellectual property protection, regulation of product prices, protection of labor rights and regulation professionals in Teiko. MoC is tasked in giving license to all professionals, processing complains against employers, products or services. It is also the only ministry that can issue patents and trademark copyrights.

The Ministry of Commerce finds it roots from the Ministry of Trade and Commerce established in 1985. In 1990, the controversial 69 Presidential Decree divided the Ministry of Trade and Commerce into two separate bodies, namely, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Commerce. Since then, the two ministries have overlapping responsibilities but the recent 2013 Teiko constitution clearly states and defines the difference between the two offices and the boundaries of their line of work. 

Consumer Welfare Office
Department of Labor and Employment
Teiko Professional Regulatory Board
Patent and Copyright Office

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