Thursday, March 20, 2014


Fast facts:

District Name: Nozomi 
District Lead Councilor: Yami Bakura
Residential Population: 2,505
Commercial Jobs: 2,470
Industrial Opportunities: 6,055  
Gross Domestic Product: 23,628 Simoleons 
Industries: Manufacturing, Logistics

More Information:

Nozomi is home to one of the best seaports in Teiko. It has also been measured to be one of the busiest among all other districts.

Nozomi is a relative small district of 2,500 consttuents but it houses major heavy industrial factories and power plants. Nozomi supplies electricity to most of the northern districts. 

Nozomi experienced economic breakthrough when investors bought in technological manufacturing to the district. Now, Nozomi ranks among the top 5 exporting districts in Greater Teiko Metropolitan Area.  

Reference: National Archives