Thursday, March 20, 2014


Fast facts:

District Name: Takao
District Lead Councilor: Kazunari Takao
Residential Population: 8,582
Commercial Jobs: 7,301
Industrial Opportunities: 32,416
Gross Domestic Product: 47,435 Simoleons
Industries: Technology, Tourism 

More Information:

Takao District is home to the largest privately owned industrial park in United SimNations. The industrial park alone contributes more than 1/5 of Teiko's total export for technological manufacturing.

Along with industrial parks, Takao is also a place for many people who are wishing to have a calm retirement life. Situated as an island detached from mainland Teiko, it has been home to many wealthy Teikonians. 

Starbuck's Coffee factories are among those who are leased in Takao Industrial Park, although the place is somewhat limited to technology based companies, big corporations like this are given special referendum. 

Reference: National Archives