Thursday, March 20, 2014


Fast facts:

District Name: Too 
District Lead Councilor: Kosuke Wakamatsu 
Residential Population: 46,161
Commercial Jobs: 23,977
Industrial Opportunities: 11,290
Gross Domestic Product: 34,862 Simoleons
Industries: Tourism, Technology, Real Estate, BPO

More Information:

Too is home to Teiko's finest beaches. They are specifically located at the Sakurai island which is the best tourist spot in Teiko according to many sources. It can be reached via ferry.

Too is a small district with a bustling commercial district. It is also the second district to have an elevated rail. Recently, a lot new land developments along with its tourism sprout had helped transform the sleepy town into a rocking district. 

Too is home to the University of Too, one of Teiko's prestigious and premier educational institution. A lot of dormitories and high end condominiums have also rise beside the university which adds to the district's glittering skyline. 

Reference: National Archives