Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hiroshi Agasa

Minister for Science and Technology 

Full name: Hiroshi Agasa  
Age: 52
Residence: Parklane Apartments, Kaijo 
Citizenship: Teikonian 
Marital Status: None 
Children: None 
Education: Doctorate in Science, University of Kaijo  

Short background:

Hiroshi Agasa is a man of simple terms but of superb intellectual prowess. He recently finished his graduate studies in the University of Kaijo with a cum laude mark. He is a Nobel Prize winner for chemistry and physics for his development of a new element transmutation process. Hiroshi Agasa is also a prolific inventor, having nearly 400 patents named after him in the patent and copyright office. He is also the oldest minister and official in Teiko. Recently, he announced his plans for retirement from the political field but no specific date was given. 

Reference: National Archives