Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Light Yagami

Minister for Justice

Full name: Light Yagami 
Age: 33
Residence: KD Heigts, Kogomo North 
Citizenship: Teikonian 
Marital Status: Married, Misa Amane 
Children: None 
Education: Law, University of Kogomo North 

Short background:

Light Yagami is one of the most serious and unforgiving officials in Teiko. He started out as associate justice for the Teiko Supreme Court for 7 years until he was designated the position, minister of justice in 2009. Light Yagami is well known to be a very private man and is considered to be one of the backbone of Teiko's progressive and crime free situation. He also had worked as a member of Teiko National Police as an interim for three years during his college years. Light is also one of the few men who has direct access to L. Currently, he lives in Kogomo North with his wife, Misa Amane. 

Reference: National Archives