Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lelouch Lamperogue

Minister for Interior and District Government 

Full name: Lelouch vi Britannia 
Age: 32
Residence: Sumimoto Towers, Kogomo North 
Citizenship: Teikonian, Britannian 
Marital Status: Single 
Children: 1 son
Education: Law, Britannian Institute of Governance 

Short background:

Lelouch Lamperogue is the most prolific and controversial minister in the cabinet. He is also named as Akashi's successor, as he is expected to serve as the next Teiko premier after the end of Akashi's term. Lelouch is also a political refugee from Britannia like his younger brother, Clovis. As of the moment, he is now the second line the Holy Britannian throne but international constitutional laws prohibit him from being the next emperor if ever he gets to be elected as the next Teiko premier. Lelouch has a wide experience in governance. He started as chairman of the office of the ombudsman for five years, minister of justice for three years and minister of budget and finance for a year until he was made into minster for MIDG in 2011. Lelouch is the only official who had had become a minister into three different ministries. Currently, Lelouch lives in together with his adopted son, Rolo. 

Reference: National Archives