Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense which is referred to as MoDe is the second largest ministry in Teiko. The Ministry controls and manages the total Teiko Military divisions and the Teiko National Police. It is also tasked in maintaining national and homeland security, territorial integrity and national defense. The Teiko premier acts as the commander in chief and the general of the Teiko Military is automatically placed as minister of defense. 

The Ministry of Defense is one of the main components of the Teiko ministries that has been established by the original Teiko constitution in 1910. It acts as a stand alone ministry until the incorporation of the Teiko Intelligence Office in 1978 and the Teiko National Police in 2001. Furthermore, the minister of defense and the general of the Teiko Military are different positions until the 2013 Constitution where it is stipulated that the general of the Teiko Military automatically becomes the minister of defense. 

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66,325 Simoleons 

Teiko Special Military Zone, Hayama Island, Kirisaki Daichi 

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