Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ministry of Transportation

Ministry of Transportation abbreviated as MoT is responsible for the regulation of all transportation means in the Independent Principality of the Commonwealth of Teiko Metropolitan Area Region. Among these includes maintenance of all Teiko roadworks and rail networks, overseeing the operations on maritime and aviation transport, research and creation of new methods of transportation and construction of new transportation infrastructure. 

It is one of the oldest ministries in Teiko, dating back to 1968. Used to be as Ministry of Transportation and Communication but was divided into two categories under Premier Levi's decree on 1996. After the rapid industrialization of Teiko, the ministry experienced vast changes such as addition of more departments. The latest changes was made by the 190 Presidential Order of Premier Akashi last 2008, this was the addition of the Transportation Research Center.

Department of Road and Tollways
Teiko Port Authority
Aviation Safety and Regulation Board (ASReD)
Department of Railways and Mass Transit
Transportation Research Center

69,245 Simoleons 

Ministry of Transportation Bldg., 1145 Makoto Avenue, Kirisaki Daichi 

Furihata Kouki