Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ministry of Health, Education, Sports and Culture

The Ministry of Health, Education, Sports and Culture which is popularly known as HECS is a Teiko Government body that is responsible for ensuring quality health and education services, promotion of Teiko culture, promotion of sports and management of sports related events in the country. It is also the ministry responsible for promoting Teiko's tourism industry. HECS is the largest ministry in Teiko and has the second largest budget among others preceded by the MoD and succeeded by the MIDG. 

The Ministry of Health, Education, Sports and Culture finds it roots on the Ministry of Education and Research established by the 1910 Teiko constitution, making it one of the first core ministries of the Teiko government. It has experienced many changes since then, most notable is the assimilation of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1974 and the creation of the present day HECS under the 180 Congressional Code. Concurrently plans of dividing the ministry into Ministry of Health, Education and Sports and Ministry of Tourism and Culture are being discussed in the Central-46. 


Teiko Sports and Tourism Authority 
Department of Education
Commission on Higher Education
Education and Health Commission
National Library and Archives
Teiko Museum Administration Office
Teiko Cultural Arts Office


75,355 Simoleons 


Not yet specified. 


Riko Aida