Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teiko Supreme Court

The Teiko Supreme Court is the highest court in the Independent Principality of the Commonwealth of Teiko Metropolitan Area Region. The court consists of four associate justices and one chief justice. Pursuant to the 2013 Teiko constitution, the Teiko Supreme Court has administrative supervision of all courts and the personnel thereof including the office of the ombudsman which is under the Ministry of Interior and District Government. 

The Teiko Supreme Court has all the final say on different criminal and administrative cases. It has however, no power to interfere with the the Central-46 on its impeachment cases and vote of no confidence results. The Teiko Supreme Court also cannot bypass constitutional boundaries set by the 2013 Teiko constitution which includes the division of the civil courts and military courts. 

The Teiko Supreme Court is one of the oldest government institutions established in Teiko together with the Central-46 and Office of the Premier under the 1900 Teiko Constitution. During establishment, there were 9 justices but this was reduced to 5 during the Levi administration. There were no significant change in the supreme court jurisdiction except the addition of the office of ombudsman in 1993.

Levi vs. The Teiko People
- in which the court ruled out that the premier himself cannot change or veto any resolutions passed by the Central-46 if the congress votes reached more than 2/3 of the required to pass the bill. 

Ministry of Interior and District Government vs. Hayama
- in which the court ruled out that MIDG has the capacity to interfere with district council decisions and among these is the implementation and creation of the district fiscal budget plan and working operation ethics. 

Ministry of Defense vs. District of Kaijo
- in which the court ruled out that the civil court has no right to create a verdict against a someone who is in charged for a military case whether or not the said case was done in a public and civil area. 

Akashi vs. Lelouch 
- in which the court ruled out that the Office of the Teiko Premier has higher authority on civil matters and decision making even if the matter at hand is under the responsibility of any ministry or minister unless otherwise revoked by the Central-46 in a resolution passed by 2/3 of majority. 

Levi vs. Central-46
-  in which the court ruled out that a certain international policy must be accepted first by the Central-46 in a 2/3 majority vote before the Premier can exercise its contents. 

Court of Appeals
District Trial Courts
Office of the Ombudsman

Chief Justice: Shinichi Kudo
Associate Justices: 

17,467 Simoleons 

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