Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teiko Regional Statistics Office

The Teiko Regional Statistics Office which is commonly called as TeRSOf is an autonomous government arm that deals with collection, analysis, classification, production, publication and general public dissemination of Teiko-related statistics as pursuant and provided by the 69 Presidential Decree. It is the only legal government institution that can release official citizenship documents and civil status certifications. 

Teiko Regional Statistics Office (TeRSOf) was created by the virtue of the controversial 69 Presidential Decree. Tersof was created as an autonomous government body that will aid the ministries in preparing for particular projects through data gathering and statistics analysis. As of now, Tersof is considered to be single most important document holder institution in Teiko Metropolitan Area.

- Population Census in every five (5) years
- Releasing of official government documents
- Conduction of economic and civil related studies
- Other actions related to the enrichment of the government's data portfolio for the improvement of Teiko Metropolitan Area


10,972 Simoleons 

Not yet specified.