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Central - 46 (Teiko Regional Council)

The Teiko Regional Council which is commonly referred to as Central-46 (interchangeable at some times) is the highest and the supreme legislative body in the Independent Principality of the Commonwealth of Teiko Metropolitan Area Region. It alone possesses legislative supremacy and thereby ultimate power over all lands and all other political bodies in Teiko Metropolitan Area. It's head is currently the Teiko Premier (Akashi Seijuro) and its seat is the Teiko Regional Council Hall at Kogomo North.

The Teiko Regional Council is unicameral consisting only of house one called the Central-46 which is headed by the Sandae (Kensuke Fukui). However, it has two separate chambers, the Central-46 and the Cabinet. 


The highest official in the land. He is considered both as the head of the government and state. He is elected by popular votes and must enjoy the confidence of the Central-46 to stay in power. He is the head of the cabinet and appoints or dismisses ministers and supreme court justices as per confirmed by the Central-46. He is also the commander in chief of the Teiko Military. All passing bills must be signed by the preemie to become a law unless a the Central-46 passes it in a 3/4 majority to override the veto. 

According to the 2013 Teiko constitution, a premier can be elected to a maximum of 4 terms with 5 years in each term. The current premier is Akashi Seijuro and is expected to vacate the office in January 2014. 


The sandae is the head of Central-46. He is considered to be the head of the legislative branch. The sandae is third in line of the presidential succession (after the vice-premier, however the current election have failed to vote a vice-premier). The sandae is not necessarily partisan and is elected also through popular votes, however the current constitution requires that he/she must be a district councilor prior to the election. The sandae presides over the sessions of the Central-46 and maybe required to attend cabinet meetings. He also delegates and performs other administrative tasks and procedural functions related to the Central-46. 

Each sandae is elected a 5 years in office with a maximum of 2 terms. The current sandae is Kensuke Fukui is also expected to vacate the office in the January 2014. 



- It is the highest law making body of the government. It is also the only legitimate government body that has the capacity to process impeachment complains against the premier, ministers and the Sandae. Although the Teiko Premier is the head of the Teiko Regional Council, he himself cannot participate in the law making process and voting unless there is a tie. 

The Cabinet 
- It is a autonomous administrative body that serves as administrators of the different government ministries as well as advisers to the Central-46. Members of the cabinet cannot participate in any law making processes. It is headed by the Teiko Premier. 


The Teiko Regional Council was formed together with the Teiko Supreme Court in 1900 following the ratification of the 1900 Teiko constitution and the establishment of the Independent Principality of the Commonwealth of Teiko Metropolitan Area Region. The Cabinet was added in 1910 through the provisions written in the 1910 Teiko constitution. The recent 2013 Teiko constitution clearly defines the boundaries of the the cabinet and the Central-46.


There are 14 ministries that compose the cabinet. 

Ministry of Internal and External Communications - Wei Liu (Incumbent)

Ministry of Transportation - Furihata Kouki (Incumbent)
Ministry of Defense - Commander Clovis la Britannia (Incumbent)
Ministry of Trade and Industry - Namikawa Reiji (Incumbent) 
Ministry of Budget and Finance - Imayoshi Shouchi (Incumbent) 
Ministry of Commerce - Sebastian Michaelis (Incumbent) 
Ministry of Social Welfare and Development - Quillsh Wammy (Incumbent) 
Ministry of Regional Economic Planning and Development - Midorima Shintaro (Incumbent)
Ministry of Agriculture and Environment - C.C. (Incumbent) 
Ministry of Utilities - Edward Elric (Incumbent)
Ministry of Interior and District Government Lelouch Lamperouge (Incumbent)
Ministry of Justice - Light Yagami (Incumbent)
Ministry of Science and Technology - Hiroshi Agasa (Incumbent)
Ministry of Health, Education, Sports and Culture Riko Aida (Incumbent)


The following is the list of lead councilors for each officially recognized district in Teiko Metropolitan Area. Also listed are the respective officials of the Central-46. 

Kaijo -Moriyama Yoshitaka (Majority Leader)
Too - Kosuke Wakamatsu
Kirisaki Daichi - Hanamiya Makoto (Minority Leader) 
Kamata North - Toshiro Hitsugaya
Kamata South -Hiroshi Yamazaki
Kamata West - Kenjiro Sakamoto
Kamizaki - Kazuki Toyama
Kyoritsu - Yusuke Tanimura
Nozomi - Yami Bakura
Meiho - Shige Ogiwara
Josei -Yohei Kawase
Shutoku - Kiyoshi Miyaji
Takao -Takao Kazunari
Nakamiya South - Kojiro Furuhashi (President Pro Tempore)
Kogomo North - Ryuhei Kasuga
Shinkyo - Papa Myabe Siki

43,456 Simoleons 

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